Khun Bew (left) and Khun Dtu (right) donate food to Luang Naa Toy at Wat Taphan temple.

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Making Life Bearable for Street and Temple Cats in Thailand

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An International Non-Profit Fundraising Group in Association with TIMBA

Nolan Betterely from TIMBA gives his time freely to help.

We are an International group of cat lovers and breeders raising funds to care for street and Temple cats in Thailand.

We started as a groups of Western breeders and lovers of Thai cats, who chat on Facebook, on various groups and pages. A few of us thought up various small ways of fundraising to help cats in Thailand, the home of the Burmese, Siamese, Korat, Khao Manee and Tonkinese, all known in the West, and many other breeds that are little or unknown in the West. 

Our little group began to flourish, and some of us visited Thailand and saw the situation for ourselves. We teamed up with TIMBA, a registry dedicated to the preservation of the old Thai breeds, and who have been vital to our cause. 


There are millions of cats on the streets in Thailand, suffering enormously. They suffer from starvation, ilness and some horrific injuries, usually from traffic or the street dogs who roam free.


Many street cats and kittens are fed in temples in Bangkok by the monks. They do their best but cannot afford sufficient funds for medicine and neutering costs. With sometimes over 100 cats to care for, the cost can be prohibitive.


There is often sickness, mainly cat flu, but sometimes ringworm, leukaemia, feline aids, and more, ravaging the population, not to mention injuries caused by traffic, street dogs and sadly, humans. Some of the photos on this site may be distressing to see, but it is the reality of life for the cats here.

Please read on to learn more.

What We Do

Food Donation Drop-Off

We provide food to temples in need, but the need is massive nationwide. We can only scratch the surface,

Cats on the street live on scraps or rats, in the temples its usually rice, if lucky with a little fish mixed in. 

We need to provide food for the basic survival of these beautiful creatures. 

Health Clinics

Our intention is to treat infections and injuries, spay and neuter, and vaccinate as many of the cats as we can.  Remember in Thailand these cats also need protection from rabies, as well as the routine flu, enteritis and leukaemia. 


Thailand is a poor country, and veterinary treatment is prohibitively expensive. However, the cost is a fraction of what we pay for veterinary treatment in the West.

Outreach & Education

To educate monks and lay people about good husbandry and treatment, and to educate and encourage neutering in the community.

Many Thais still feel it is bad for cats health to be neutered, when in fact the opposite is true. If we are to reduce the enormous overpopulation of cats, especially in Bangkok (estimated over 1 million street cats) then an effective spay/neuter programme needs to be in place.


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