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Fundraising Part 1: The Tried & Trusted Methods

November 18, 2016

The first of a series of blogs about how potential volunteers can contribute their time and resources in aid of TCC.


Our biggest need is for fundraisers. And there are many ways you can do that, thanks to tried and trusted methods and now also to technology. 




Here are The Tried and Trusted Methods (not an exhaustive list, feel free to suggest more!)

  • Coffee Morning

  • Stall at car boot sales

  • Stall at cat show

  • Raffle

  • Cake sale

  • Sponsored walk, run, forfeit, etc.

  • Bungee jump/skydive/abseil, etc

  • Pub Quiz

  • Dress down day at work

  • Dog walking

  • Dog or cat sitting

  • Give up something e.g. alcohol, smoking, chocolate, crisps, television, games console, meat

  • Guess baby's due date, weight, etc

  • Busking (check local bylaws)

  • Carol singing

  • Musicians jam night

  • Cheese & wine night

  • Hairy stuff, shave your head, beard, wax your chest (men!!), dye your hair, remove all body hair!

  • Save coins in a jar, then sell tickets to guess how much is in it!

  • Auction

  • Themed dinner party

  • Five-a-side football

  • Karaoke night

  • Knitting, craft making, quilting

  • Marathon event

  • Matched giving, ask your boss to match what you raise!

  • Office collection

Fundraising: Part 2 will focus on how we can use technology in fundraising, some without costing anyone a penny!

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